What is the Relevance of Keywords for SEO? 

While working on the SEO of your business with the use of Web Development Services, you must have questioned the relevance of keywords. Irrespective of the questions that arise in your head, a good Internet Marketing Company Australia would be able to show you that there is no second thought to the fact that keywords play an inevitably important role in search engine optimization of a business’s online presence.  

Keywords are basically described as the topic of the content, the words and phrases that people type into search engines. Each page of a website should ideally be centered on one topic, ultimately resulting in the primary keywords for that page. The keywords used for the SEO can be classified into mainly two types- Short tail and Long tail keywords. A short tail keyword would be that consists of only one or two words. While a long tail keyword is one that has more than one or two words. These are far more specific as compared to short tail, which can be quite ambiguous.  

Short tail keywords tend to carry a very high volume, ultimately leading to huge competition in landing on a rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). The placement and density of keywords used in the content are two most important factors to be considered. While working on the SEO of the content, the keywords will be placed throughout the body content of the page. The URL used to publish the content will also have the primary keyword included. Factors like these work as a sign for Google, showing the relevancy of the page for the keyword or search term used. 

As far as the density of the keywords is concerned, the situation of “the more the better” fits best in terms of SEO and content. Search Engine Optimizations brings along a direct correlation between the word count and search rankings. The higher the word count, the more keywords will fit in the content, resulting in a higher ranking. By using such basic techniques on your website, you can improve your ranking power in the google search results.  

However, there are certain factors that you must keep away from whilst working on the SEO of a website. Usage of such techniques or your website are considered unethical by Google and may also result in penalties. 

  1. Keyword stuffing- Using the keywords in excess is not going to benefit your website, but rather push it to spams. Overuse of a keyword or a phrase is called Spamming and will give your website poor user experience (UX). Earlier, in the 2000s, keyword spamming was used a popular way to boost your website ranking. However, nowadays such a technique may get you caught and penalized. 
  2. Hidden texts and links- Some sneaky tactics that increase the page keyword count such as using the same color font as the background, setting the font size to zero, hiding the links in a single character such as a full stop (.), using CSS to hide texts or links offscreen and hiding text or links behind an image are all considered black hat tactics and must never be used. ‘Black Hat’ SEO is a range of techniques used to improve the ranking in search engine results page by trickery and are considered unethical. 
  3. Forcing keywords- This is not the same as stuffing the keywords. Adjusting the keywords in your content more than their basic need in the content puts the reader off the track and is additionally considered fraudulent. To maintain a good ranking of your website on Google, forcing the keywords in your content should be strictly ignored. 

To get a good ranking of your website on Google, you may also run campaigns like PPC Services Australia, wherein the advertisers pay an amount each time their ad is clicked. PPC Services Australia is a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to earn those visits organically. A renowned Internet Marketing Company Australia like O2 will offer all the Web Development Services for your website that you succeed in maintaining a good rank on Google and impressive Search engine optimization techniques. 

Digital Agencies or In-house Marketers- Which is the Better Choice?

Along with the increasing importance of Digital Marketing for businesses, the competition for winning the digital race is increasing in parallel.  

 Business owners are perplexed by the key business decision of hiring in-house marketers or working with a marketing agency. Irrespective of the size of your business, you need to make this decision carefully and after complete research. The best way to differentiate between the two is defining your organization’s marketing goals and weighing them against your own team’s strengths and weaknesses. It is vital for businesses to determine whether the marketing initiatives should stay in-house or require assistance from outside experts.  

Given below are a few factors that you should consider while making a choice between in-house marketing teams and outsourced marketing agencies-A 

  • The culture of your company, its vision, and values are a few important factors that you must consider while deciding whether you should have an in-house marketing team for your business or outsource the marketing activities of your business. For your business to be a success, it is important that the marketers understand your business well and align with your culture, vision, and values. It is important for the marketer to be invested in your company’s success and growth than any external agency would be in order to deliver your products and services to your customers. 
  • Depending on the required marketing strategies of your company, your team might need to get in touch with Digital Marketing Agency AustraliaSEO Service Company and Website Design and Development companies in Australia that will help you with services that offer social selling expertise, e-mail marketing, pay-per-click advertising, etc. Building an in-house team packed with such varied skillsets is not a task as easy as it may sound. A renowned Digital Marketing Agency Australia will already be equipped with professionals who specialize in all areas of digital marketing. O2, one of the renowned Website Design and Development companies in Australia serve as a one-stop shop for businesses providing solutions to all the digital needs of your business. 
  • To keep up with the evolving landscape of digital marketing, businesses need to take a competitive edge with the best industrial practices. In the digital age, the strategies that performed well the last month would not give you similar results this month. With the competition getting tougher and the technologies being advanced, the marketing teams must first crack the latest strategies and tailor them to the needs of your business. It is considered difficult for a single individual to excel in multiple strategies in order to study what works for your business and what does not. Hence, in such cases, getting in touch with digital agencies proves to be a better choice. 
  • A Digital Marketing agency brings along the professionals that have the industry’s must-have technologies. Many businesses test and invest in thousands of dollars only to equip clients with the best tools. For small to medium businesses, investing huge funds without the guarantee of being successful is a question left unanswered. Digital agencies, like O2, however, have gained access to such tools that work towards the delivery of positive results for a business. 

Getting in touch with an SEO Service Company will fulfill all the basics digital needs of your business, effectively and efficiently. O2 offers the services of website development and digital marketing to small to medium businesses. 



5 questions to ask a Digital Marketing Agency before Hiring one!

Are they the one?

Digital Marketing requires so many work and efforts it’s impossible for businesses to keep the work in-house and be updated with current trends and practices. 

Accessing expertise of a Digital Marketing Agency ensures you have a team of dedicated and focused experts who work on bringing the actual results for your brand. Whether you’re looking to take your business online or launch a new product or venture, they can help you achieve desired results. From shooting your sales up to generating potential lead for you, they can do it all. 

But here’s the problem: 

Not all of them are as good as they claim to be and their quality of work may vary from client to client basis their expertise and experience. In order to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses so that you can analyze if they are just spouting empty words or their past stats speak results, you should ask them few questions. 

Without further ado, let’s get to the major 5 questions that can help you get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. 

What’s your approach?

If you directly ask them what they will do for your brand, they obviously have prepared for that question. Although asking about the general approach they follow can give an answer where you will come to know what they know about the whole process plus how they incorporate that into working with clients. 

To get specific you can breakdown to know about specific services in which you particularly need help with, Like what their process is for SEO or how they provide content services or how they generally proceed with leads generation. 

How your experience have been working with other clients and is there a successful example of your work?

Asking about their existing clientele will give you an idea how they feel about their clients and how they handle variety of workload. And there is nothing more assuring than getting to see a live example of a successful project that they executed to give you an idea of yours. 

On what basis would you highlight my company’s Strengths to compete in the market?

A top marketing and experts in their league would have done their own research on your organization before approaching. From your USP to your competitors. This question will ensure that they’ve done their homework and how much they care about their prospective clients. They should be able to lay out a strategy as to how they will fight off the competitors for your brand. 

Q.How will you measure the success of the marketing campaigns you’re recommending?

When approaching a prospective Digital Agency, your questions shall be on benchmarks, metrics and analytics. Fluffy big slogans are for presentation, they contribute less to actual results. The Digital Marketing agency you’re going to work with shall be able to back up recommendations with data. 

Alongside question regarding measurement, the question of how often report progress will be made and delivered to you towards these metrics. Also what recover strategy is there if any adjustments were to be made or something is not working from results point of view.  

How much will be the cost involved?

The high cost factor is one of the biggest lump in the road while hiring the best. However investing time & money is mandatory if you want to reap the benefits of Digital World. Mostly agencies have various packages laid out in front of you to choose from. Wherein, you can choose what services you want in that particular amount. You should have an idea of the total budget that is required to implement the campaigns and estimated ROI. 

Evaluation of a Digital Agency shall be based upon the Industry Experience, Range of services they provide alongside its cost and their level of expertise. At O2, A leading Digital Marketing Agency in Australia, We utilize data analytics on platforms such as Google & Social Media Channels to ensure that we meet our clients’ desired KPIs. Whilst maintaining a high-level of communication and regular updating our clients about the progress that we made as promised. 

Shoot away any Questions you might have at sales@o2.net.au !