2019 Verging With 10 Must-Know Video Marketing Statistics To Revamp Your Strategy

Video marketing is culminating a sharp growth in digital marketing segment. Key playing corporate houses are conferring a major part of their marketing success to video strategy. Small business units are also thriving on same. Especially social media marketing for small business is confiding on video ads and video demos which reportedly marked instant hike in ROI graph.  


Video on the website  

Top web designing company in Australia prefers adding video to their client’s website in giving demo or for call to action or for virtual shopping as it attracts 300% more traffic. Such a website enhances the opportunity by 53% to be on the 1st page of Google compared to website with only readable text or images. And integrating video on landing page can increase conversion to 80%. 


Impact of Video in SEO marketing  

Organic search increases to 157% by video marketing. 79% of customers or viewers like to watch live than reading content. Rather video content expands SEO focus. Some of the SEO agencies in Australia are using additional target keywords to widen the scope of the search. They suggest to always use clickable website link with the video. 


Facebook Video story 

Social media is the best platform to propagate video as sharing option is very effective there. 61.8% of viewers prefer to watch an ad on Facebook. But Facebook videos should come with text as 85% of videos are watched without sound on this platform. 48% more views are received on video ads in social media.  


1 billion hours on YouTube 

Per day 1 billion hours is spent on YouTube. It is assessed by some digital marketing and SEO agency in Australia that 95% of message explained or showed in the video gets retained by consumers whereas only 10% gets retained when conveyed through text. 65% population watch YouTube to solve problems related to daily life chores.  


With an increase in smartphone usage, video ads got more reach 

75% of played videos are on mobile devices. 92% of shared video ads are on mobile. The year 2020 is predicted to enhance mobile internet usage as 1 million minutes per day watching videos. Social videos have 1200% more shares than text messages. 


Online ads transverse TV ads  

Watching online ads is rising by 100% per year. Out of 10 people, 6 prefer watching online videos. 55% of people in the world population watch online videos every day. This has become a great strength for social media marketing of small business to do branding in minimum budget. 


Quality of video is a major factor 

Audio and video quality should be very good to retain customers. 67% of viewers leave out the video if it is not of good quality. So the quality should match the brand or product standard. 


Videos should have Call to Action 

After engaging with video you should tell your customers where to go next. 45% of viewers prefer to get in touch or browse link of the website after sharing or liking the video. 


Video with audio and script 

Video with both audio and script is preferable as can be well understood by the majority of consumers. To showcase products or service on website maximum web designing company in Australia adds a video with script and voice which also shows demo of how to use. This increase consumers’ engagement on the website and positively contributes to Google rank metrics. 


Boost Email marketing with Videos 

Email marketing or newsletter marketing has got a new dimension of propagation and success rate by integrating video and animation with it. 200 to 300% click-through rates has been boosted by it.  


10 Most Updated Trends For Web Design In 2019

2019 is the year where we are a step ahead to accomplish a decade. We experienced a lot of advent in the field of digital marketing. Users and corporate houses are wondering what new in 2019 regarding web & designing. Across the world, website design companies are on hard research in implementing and adopting with latest and upcoming trends. Here we check out some of the innovations of this year. Startups or small business units can also take up these innovations to augment the growth as cost-effectiveness is been taken in account.

Chatbots restructured

With 2019 chatbots has appeared to be more interactive and catchy with the advancement of AI technology. With better customization, it would be made more colorful and prominent inviting visitors of the website to interact. It can be predicted with an influx of mascot that can represent the brand and bot with a personal face. If you are associated with any website development services then connect with them to integrate this facility at earliest.


Google had announced a speed update algorithm in July 2018. According to it and also based on research it says that customers can wait upto 3 sec maximum to open a page. Thus website design companies are working on page load time to be less than 3 sec. And now this is the second most important trend in website designing. So 2019 is banging hard on it.

Interactive incarnation in micro-interactions with CSS3 animation

This is something that website development service is banging on hard. Hovering, scrolling animations, interactive animations, chimes and lot more development on animation filed has given websites a new look and platform for interaction. CSS3 is a new development in UI field that can empower in such convention. Visual communication or personalized illustrated design is better than abstract text. With its augmented technological upsurge transmitting subtle information to the user about development of service and products will be more effective and smart in its approach.

Full-screen dynamic video background

Moving objects attract more. Hence a dynamic background in video form is the take of the year. Also, this feature is marked as highly productive by top digital marketing agency in Australia as for social media or other digital marketing aspects it has been proved highly beneficial. Ultimately digital marketing tends to enhance the traffic and leads of the website. A good website ensures the best result.

Compared to still object it ensures better understanding about the product, facility, and information to the customers.

Mobile-first indexing

Google is now prioritizing mobile indexing into its algorithm. Responsive designing is now on top priority as maximum customers are checking websites through mobile. So now mobile responsive designing is in mainstream designing. So making a responsive website design is must.

Thumb-friendly navigation

As mobile users are increasing so the navigation, menu and other options also need to be customized to make it thumb friendly. 2019 is coming up with this technology. Tailored navigation will be introduced on all websites.

Color gradients

Bright fluid gradients with bold illustrations are the focus of 2019. It will implant an aesthetical look and pleasant visual experience. Color gradients are a lot on development. Visual designing is one of the mainstream part of it.


Bold, adventurous typography can better influence the audience. Fonts can create a strong visual hierarchy. As 95% information on any website is text so this is a major consideration.

New popular design tools in 2019

UI interface sketch, Rapid prototyping as mockplus tools, Webgradient as gradient tool, Font map as font tool, MockplusiDoc as new design handoff tool and AE as visual processing software will be on demand and usage in this year.

Natural organic shapes

Empowering on feeling and accessibility organic shapes are most useful. It is going to give depth to visual effect to the audiences.

To know more about trending tools and methods of web designing check this space.

What is the Relevance of Keywords for SEO? 

While working on the SEO of your business with the use of Web Development Services, you must have questioned the relevance of keywords. Irrespective of the questions that arise in your head, a good Internet Marketing Company Australia would be able to show you that there is no second thought to the fact that keywords play an inevitably important role in search engine optimization of a business’s online presence.  

Keywords are basically described as the topic of the content, the words and phrases that people type into search engines. Each page of a website should ideally be centered on one topic, ultimately resulting in the primary keywords for that page. The keywords used for the SEO can be classified into mainly two types- Short tail and Long tail keywords. A short tail keyword would be that consists of only one or two words. While a long tail keyword is one that has more than one or two words. These are far more specific as compared to short tail, which can be quite ambiguous.  

Short tail keywords tend to carry a very high volume, ultimately leading to huge competition in landing on a rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). The placement and density of keywords used in the content are two most important factors to be considered. While working on the SEO of the content, the keywords will be placed throughout the body content of the page. The URL used to publish the content will also have the primary keyword included. Factors like these work as a sign for Google, showing the relevancy of the page for the keyword or search term used. 

As far as the density of the keywords is concerned, the situation of “the more the better” fits best in terms of SEO and content. Search Engine Optimizations brings along a direct correlation between the word count and search rankings. The higher the word count, the more keywords will fit in the content, resulting in a higher ranking. By using such basic techniques on your website, you can improve your ranking power in the google search results.  

However, there are certain factors that you must keep away from whilst working on the SEO of a website. Usage of such techniques or your website are considered unethical by Google and may also result in penalties. 

  1. Keyword stuffing- Using the keywords in excess is not going to benefit your website, but rather push it to spams. Overuse of a keyword or a phrase is called Spamming and will give your website poor user experience (UX). Earlier, in the 2000s, keyword spamming was used a popular way to boost your website ranking. However, nowadays such a technique may get you caught and penalized. 
  2. Hidden texts and links- Some sneaky tactics that increase the page keyword count such as using the same color font as the background, setting the font size to zero, hiding the links in a single character such as a full stop (.), using CSS to hide texts or links offscreen and hiding text or links behind an image are all considered black hat tactics and must never be used. ‘Black Hat’ SEO is a range of techniques used to improve the ranking in search engine results page by trickery and are considered unethical. 
  3. Forcing keywords- This is not the same as stuffing the keywords. Adjusting the keywords in your content more than their basic need in the content puts the reader off the track and is additionally considered fraudulent. To maintain a good ranking of your website on Google, forcing the keywords in your content should be strictly ignored. 

To get a good ranking of your website on Google, you may also run campaigns like PPC Services Australia, wherein the advertisers pay an amount each time their ad is clicked. PPC Services Australia is a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to earn those visits organically. A renowned Internet Marketing Company Australia like O2 will offer all the Web Development Services for your website that you succeed in maintaining a good rank on Google and impressive Search engine optimization techniques.