1. What are your charges for Website Development?

We provide web development services at affordable prices. To get a better idea of the cost of your requirements, go to our Web Pricing page for detailed information regarding various packages.

2. How does the development process work?

We follow the following steps in our development process:

  • Discovery
  • Generation of Content
  • Organization of data
  • Design Revision
  • Page Content Testing
  • Launch

After completion of these steps, we seek your approval before the final launch.

3. Can I see my website while it is still in progress?

Definitely! We create your website on our development server so that you can check out the regular development of your site. Also, we encourage your response if you are dissatisfied with the progress; we will change it immediately. Once you are satisfied, we release it live on your server.

4. Which technologies do you support?

We are expert in CSS, XHTML, and Flash, but are very experienced with JavaScript, DHTML, XML, PHP, among others.

5. Do you offer the services of SEO and Google Adwords?

Yes. With affordable pricing options available, our SEO packages are designed to give you exposure for competitive keywords across Google.

6. Are your sites mobile-friendly?

Yes. Every site that we manage is mobile-friendly. The process that we follow to accomplish this is referred to as Responsive Design; which assures that the site works properly on a wide variety of screen sizes, from small to large desktop monitors including mobile phone's screen.

7. Can you help me with the content writing for my website?

Yes. We include copywriting and editing services in all our proposals. We provide you with impactful content for your website with the motive of creating a succeeding presence amongst the target audience.

8. Can you assist me with Online Marketing of my business?

Yes, of course! We don't just develop the website for you. We do much more about it. We are committed to helping you succeed online by providing many online marketing packages including Local SEO, National SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising (Adwords Account Step) including search network. Go through our Digital Marketing Services for further details.


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