Social Media- Two words that have become such a big part of our lives that it is the only social we know now as human. Every brand is on social media today, from a small caterer to the big giants in every industry.   Social media is one of the most significant part of overall marketing strategies available to brands as it provide cost-effective way to promote brand value, increase brand awareness and expand sales. Every business has their own unique proposition and strategies to promote and present their brand in front of their target audience. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t for your own business is a continuous process and different for everyone.  But there are few tips that works well for everyone and shall be kept in mind whilst planning a social media strategy. Here are tips you can follow to expand your social media reach:   

  1. Prepare Buyer Persona: First and Foremost, to identify what you’re going to do, you need to identify whom you’re doing it for. Prepare buyer persona, these are semi-fictional characteristics that explain your ideal customers consisting of their gender, geographic, preference, profession and so on. Preparing buyer personas can you help you greatly, as they help in deciding the kind of content and strategies that will work in order to engage the audience.
  2. Optimize Your Social Accounts: It might not be as complex as search engine optimization but it is as significant. Optimizing your social accounts can be as simple as using relevant hashtags and using keywords that generally your audience is likely to search. Use those keywords into your captions on posts, Instagram and twitter bios. 
  3. Hook Your Audience Up: Do you know on average only 300 posts appear on the feed of an individual in order of his preference, specifically on Facebook. And how many of them actually grab his attention? Very few. To actually engage your audience with your brand you need to produce premium quality content, consistently. Something that could be useful, inspirational, and promote your brand value. 
  4. Link your Socials on Your Website: Linking your social media accounts on your website gives any visitor provides a chance to go checkout your social media pages. It increases reach on your social platforms and let the users connect with the brand which in turn improves your following. 
  5. Link Your Website to Your Social: Putting your website link on your social media channels not only increases your traffic but increases social following and vice-a-versa. Both linking can be very beneficial in order to drive your overall online presence.
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  6. Premium-quality Content over Frequent Posting: Less is more.There is a fine difference between having a strong social media presence and having a presence that is more annoying than engaging. Focus on creating quality content rather than posting frequently on social channels without any engagement. Frequent posting can irritate your viewer. Posts without any message or purpose are wasted effort. 
  7. Be Human: Are you a robot?Of course  And you don’t want your audience thinking that way either. Interact on your social platforms more often. Respond to comments and messages, handle their queries. Show them you care; this way they will feel more connected to your brand.
  8. Be Consistent: When we say avoid using posting frequently so that you don’t look like a scam, we don’t mean post only once a week. There needs to be a pattern in your social media postings where you follow a proper strategy based on proper research and stats. Where you know what type of content your audience engages more with, what excites them and so on. 

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