Every business needs a website with a catchy layout that inspires visitors to go ahead and take the final step- buy the product/services or contact for queries. This final step is called ‘conversion’; implying the transfer of your visitor from the group of ‘Leads’ to the group of ‘customers’. If your brand’s website has a lot of traffic but no conversions then you must take this as a point of concern and try to identify the reasons behind. You must get in touch with a reputed Web Development Company in Australia that will help you accomplish your all your digital goals.

Many aspects contribute to the low conversion rate for a business. But it’s also true that a good website design can have a compelling impact on site visitors and their preferences. In most cases, first-time site visitors are not willing to contact or clarify their queries or buy the products/services. They are still on the lookout for suitable options and comparing your brand to others. This is when your website and the content/information displayed speaks for itself. Studies show that Brand Assessment takes about 90 seconds. Customers grant web pages a fraction of that time that is less than 8 seconds. Moreover, about 75% of the visitors will evaluate your brand credibility based on your website design.

Here are some of the most effective tips for small business website packages that will help you stack up to the competition and yield the greatest results for your business-

  • Create a clutter-free web page that inspires exploration

A cluttered home page of a website with too many graphics or too much text can chase away potential donors. The homepage is usually the first impression that the user will have in order to build an image of your brand in his mind. A clean & clear website can speak more about your brand than a large number of images or texts could ever say. It should never have an unplanned design just for the sake of having a presence on the web. Just keep your website as simple and clear in design as possible. The difference between and captivating and cluttered should be evident from the templates and layouts for your website.

  • Create your brand recognition with a logo

A logo strengthens the spirit of your brand and serves as the face of your organization, displaying all that your customers would need to know about your brand, at a glance. The logo should be as clear as it is significant for a brand. It must have the caliber to stick up to the viewer’s mind, such that he revisits the website and eventually, becomes a lead. The Visual recognition through a brand logo is a part of the emotional action that users experience when they visit your company’s website. The making of a logo is a long-term investment and must be on the high priority budget list. It should be created in a way that is immediately recognizable, easy to remember, able to transmit the mission of your brand and remain effective in a variety of colors or presentation modes.

  • Create an organized graphic chart

The regular maintenance of the recurring visual parts on a website unify it and make navigation easier for the visitors. Create consistency on the website by choosing font styles and colors that complement the image of your organization and ensure that they are maintained in the same way on all pages of your website. Maintaining this organized visual consistency on the site and its coherent reflection in all other communication media & information will strengthen your brand’s identity. The visual theme should imitate the culture of the company and at the same time be targeted to attract volunteers, supporters and donors that you want to attract.

  • Create an audio-visual presence

A compelling video that tells a separate story of your brand helps to attract the attention of Internet users. Even if your website can exist without the video, but an attractive video can make the difference. Such a video might cost a bit higher if performed professionally. Nevertheless, you can also create it by using a simple camera with minimal editing; this will positively give your website a look less polished but will accomplish the purpose desired: express your goals in the form of a story. A well-designed video can boost its usefulness beyond the website itself as a centerpiece of your communication efforts.

Final Takeaway

Creating a visually engaging and attractive website does not necessarily need a significant sum. However, the redesigning of your website, if your budget allows it, is a target that may need expenses. Consider these few effective tips as a starting point to evaluate your existing website and to improve the impactful story of your brand with attractive visuals to achieve greatest leads. You can look out for a professional Web Development Company in Australia that would work for small business website packages. The concerned agency will help you achieve all your goals in a package.