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O2 is a specialized Technology and software website designing services provider for small businesses in Australia. We design a result-driven websites for our clients.

Why Tech Company needs a website?

A website for IT and software companies is like a marketing asset that faces directly to customers.

  • A well-designed, SEO friendly website is critical for tech companies for marketing and selling their technology solutions to C-suite.
  • IT Businesses like yours are striving to survive and look different in a digital world that is extremely competitive.
  • A sophisticated and professional IT and software business website will help you in driving your company’s outcomes.
  • Your leads and conversions will grow significantly as your tech business will be more visible to your target audience.

Brief about our IT and software website design services

  • O2 B2B website designing services help in building a website that acts as a lead generation engine.
  • We focus on aligning your message; helping you in differentiating from your competitors.
  • Our website experts will conduct a deep website audit to improve its performance.
  • We can build a brand new website for your tech business or redesign your exiting your business tech website to optimize it and increase your leads and conversions.
  • Our experts build websites considering all the important elements including and result –driven SEO and content strategy, dynamic personalization etc.
  • Our experts utilize the best practices for IT company websites that generate more leads and conversions.
  • We help the IT and software companies in their inbound marketing.

Elements for tech website design

There are some important elements of a tech website:

  • The content of your website should deliver more in less.

According to Adobe, 30% of the people will not engage with your website if the content is long.

  • Web designing experts at O2 use images, icons and cards to build an appealing website.
  • The tech website should also include video testimonials that have a deeper impact on the customers

According to a study conducted by SOASTA states that 28% of the respondents switch to another website if the website is taking too long to load.

Our design experts will ensure that the websites developed are smooth in functioning.

Why O2?

  • Specialization- O2 specializes in working with the telecom, tech, IT and software companies and deep understanding of this industry.
  • Experience – We have a decade of experience of developing websites for a small and large business in Australia.
  • Cost – effective- Our tech website designing packages are extremely cost-effective.
  • Support – Our tech website designing support experts will always help you in solving your website issues.

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